The Destructible Albion Online Buildings

  • I've been saying this since day one. A game based solely around progression is a game doomed to fail. You either can't make enough of it, even companies like blizzard with way more money to throw at development can't churn out enough content, or you make it so grindy it takes forever.

    The first instance and I'll use blizzard as their the biggest and can throw the most money into development. They create new zone, new class, new race, new weapons, new raid ect and the players plow through it in richly 1/3rd the time it took them to make it. Then their players unsub for a few months until next patch.

    The later people just say screw this grind. It's become a second job and the grind isn't fun and the fun stuff isn't worth the hassle of putting up with the grind.

    That's the underlying issue with this game being boring. It's central feature across several Albion Online Silver mechanics is grindy progression. Unlockable wearable, crafting progression, building progression, farming, building progression, ect are all pieces that make up the insane grind progression that's supposed to keep us here longterm. Except most of its just not fun to do.

    I have hope though. I'm waiting for Korn to put out more details on their end game PVP content that he was talking about. The destructible buildings in one world and all that stuff. I hoping they fix hell Gates and add a lot more end game PVP stuff that guilds and players can become invested in and create depth of PVP that will keep players around longterm.