In Essence Of This New Albion Online System

  • Instead of crafting 100 torches in order to level up torchcrafting, I should be failing to craft 100 torches instead, preventing a flood of torches from reaching the market and keeping the prices of the torches that actually gets crafted reasonable.

    Practical implementation and real numbers:Lets assume that it today requires me to craft 100x T4 torches to be ble to craft T5 torches.Lets assume that today, I would not bother selling by buy Albion Online Gold  them on the market but salvage them instead.

    In this new system, we would add a new quality level: trash/incomplete, and we would change the quality distribution so that for skills that you have not yet mastered, you always get one level lower of your quality. We further make it so that whenever a crafted item end up being of a quality lower than normal (that is, the trash/incomplete quality), it automatically gets salvaged. For each item crafted or failed to craft, you would gain 1% towards the next skill level, and for each rarity increase you'd get an extra +1%.

    Players would be happy when they make higher-quality stuff as it saves them alot of time, and if they already unlocked the skill it would be highly valued items in silver.