Albion Online: Heavy Boots Passive

  • Similar to your heavy chest passive, you will also want to forge Toughness onto your boots, which will further strengthen your armor and magic resists. I think you understand the point I’m trying to make here: build as tanky as humanly possible.

    Finally, we have our choice of weapon: Iron-clad Staff.

    In order to unlock your Iron-clad staff, you will first want to begin by unlocking fame through the archery branch in the destiny board. After you master Journeyman’s Bow, you’ll want to pick up an Adept’s Quarterstaff which will lead you directly into unlocking your Albion Online Silver. It’s a very simple process to achieve and is more than worth your time-investment when you realize how much fun it is playing ping-pong with your rivals!

    Now, let’s briefly discuss which 3 weapon skills will optimize your role of crowd-control and tanking with Iron-clad staves.

    Concussive Blow: Generally speaking, this is an extremely useful ‘Q’ skill that comes with a variety of utilizations. To begin with, it does fairly solid damage to your enemy, while applying a slow to them at the same time. As if a slow wasn’t already handy enough, after landing this skill 3 times in succession on your opponent, they are briefly stunned and vulnerable to any damage your allies throw at them.

    Stun Run: Another key skill in your CC rotation, stun run also offers a ton of utility. After casting the skill with the help of Albion Online Gold, you receive a 38% movement speed increase. During this duration, the next auto-attack you land will stun your enemy. This serves as a critical skill for canceling enemy casts, and interfering with the enemy healer’s ability to keep their allies alive.